Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

Miss Lily had an action packed 4th of July weekend visiting Sabetha for the first time (and taking her very first road trip!)  

Showing off my sun-hat and loving my Nanny

020 021

Grocery shopping


Cuddling with Grandpa O and playing in cousin Liam’s swing.

022 025 

My first visit to the farm

026 027 028 032

I am figuring out that my arms work


A visit from great great Aunt Donna.


Happy 4th of July!

038 041   044

Breakfast at Buzz Cafe

046 047

My cousin Aynslee!


Dad and I are exhausted after a busy weekend!


Finally home – helping Dad relax and read his magazine.


We did lots of other activities and saw many many special people.  Thanks for a great weekend!


MJS said...

What a fun weekend!!!!! I'll miss you all in the morning (even Elders)so, Please, come back soon.

Annie said...

oh what a fun 4th!!! I can't wait to see sweet Lily in two weeks!!!! Did Lily like Sabetha? Is she a small town girl or is she a big city girl??? I love the pic of her stretching!!!

katieharris said...

cute. looks like fun. it's always such a nice change of pace to go back home, isn't it? maybe someday Lily can get a horse and keep it at Grandpa & Grandma O's!! :)