Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Fun

Friday night we entertained a few friends who were in town. I was so proud of myself – the house was clean, the baby was bathed and dressed, I was showered and cleaned up myself, and Lily and I had made a trip to the grocery to obtain all the ingredients for dinner. I was doing so great and felt like SuperMom!

Until I realized that I had forgotten a few things at the store. Yep, I forgot everything for the main course…hamburger, buns, ketchup, cheese, etc.

So I called Ryan, explained my mommy-brain moment, and sent him to the store after work. And guess what he did…he came home with everything I asked for. Except hamburger and buns. Glad to know I’m not the only parent losing my mind.

At least my pasta salad and strawberry shortcake turned out well!

img_0158 img_0159

Saturday Ryan and I enjoyed an adult only night on the town while Nanny babysat the little lady.


Miss Lily spent the weekend being a busy seven week old….going to church; cuddling with Dad; brunch with Auntie M, Casey, and Nanny; more cuddling with Dad.

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