Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Mom-isms – round 2

My first Mom-ism post was when Lily was two weeks and since then, I’ve discovered a few additional ones…

  • I have found myself rocking back and forth when Lily starts to cry…when I’m not even holding her. Or worse, standing in line at the grocery store rocking from one foot to another - Lily was at home with Ryan. Gesh.
  • Being absolutely furious at the car in front of us in the DQ drive thru – hello people, we have a crying baby and you have the nerve to order food in the drive-thru line instead of going inside!?!?!?!
  • When did I go from worrying about my outfit looking nice and clean to not thinking twice when I wipe spit-up or spilled milk on my shorts. Gross…
  • Showering takes on a whole new meaning. A girlfriend and I decided that there are actually three parts to a good shower – the actual bathing, putting on make-up, and drying the hair. If you get all three parts done, it’s a miracle and going to be a GREAT day.
  • Dang red stoplights….there should be an express lane for moms with babies! Gotta keep this kid moving!
  • Instead of thinking of 5pm as “whoaa, I’m off work!”, thinking “what time is Ryan coming home….hurry up, PLEASE!'”
  • Or instead of thinking of 8pm as time to catch up on DVR’d shows, it’s bath and bedtime!
  • Prior to Lily, we spent our free time doting on Lynnie and Elhers. Post Lily…..anyone want two well-behaved dogs….for free?!?!?!?!


Lily loves loves loves her swing (thanks Amanda, you’ve given us countless hours of peaceful, happy moments!).



Paige said...

So true on your mom-ism's. Some of them are still true at Savannah's one year mark!! :) Love all the pictures of Lily! She is a cutie!


Annie said...

Oh I agree with every single one of those!!! I am not sure if the swaying ever stops! I still seem to do that!!! Its so funny how things change!!! Poor Pacey hasn't even seen our new house yet!!!

katieharris said...

we'll take L&E!!! just ship them to Seattle and then you can come visit :)