Wednesday, February 23, 2011


When my grandparents moved out of their home, I inherited my grandmother's piano. Mema tells the story of how it was her first large purchase after saving and saving her teaching money. Growing up, I have fond memories spending hours playing (pounding) away on this piano.

However, since our move, I have not introduced Lily to playing (pounding). She has a tendency to become obsessed with things. And, well, honestly, I think the sound of pounding musical notes is a bit annoying.

Remember when Nanny visited a few weeks ago?

Apparently Nanny doesn't have such a low tolerance for annoying sounds.

We have recently spent some quality time playing beautiful music and singing along to our creations.

Thanks a lot Nanny.


MJS said...

When Lily starts playing Pachelbel's canon in D, and it is really starting to sound will be in the kitchen with tears in your eyes happy you tolerated the pounding! She might even walk down the aisle to it one day. Again, you will have tears in your eyes.

Lindsay said...

Canon in D is the only song I can still decently play. Maybe when she takes lessons, I will take a refresher course!