Monday, February 28, 2011

Snapshot Monday

Weekly happenings via snapshots from my cell phone

After Grandma left us, we went for a long walk before lunch.
Apparently Lily was one tired girl after the fun weekend she had.
I rolled her into our bedroom and took a long, quiet shower. Such a treat!

My little helper carrying in groceries.
She completely smashed the bread...

Princess Lily

Lily's favorite exhibit at the zoo is the baboons.
She kept telling them "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

On Saturday night, we went to the 3A high school basketball championship.
Ryan's basketball coach's son was playing.
They came back from behind to win which made for a very exciting game.
Lily had a blast watching the game and all the crazy fans!

Have a great week!


The Frazee's said...

ryan's basket ball coach's son? who was that koerprich?

Lindsay said...

Yes, Koerprich is superintendent for a small school district north of us, but the championship games were played in Phoenix. It's been so fun for Ryan to reconnect with him!