Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun with Grandma

We had such a fun week when Grandma came to visit! Unfortunately, Arizona weather didn't cooperate and we had a few chilly days. However, we were able to spend some time outside at the train park.

Lily's favorite friend, Kayl, and Kristen joined us.

We tried the carousel again, hoping Lily would get over her fear of the horses.

She first scoped it out.

After getting on, and seeing the horses going "up and down", we asked if she wanted to ride them. "Noooooooo". So instead we enjoyed the ride on a bench.

Kayl was fearless!

After the rides and a picnic lunch, the girls had some good old fashion fun on the slides. Lily loves trying to copy everything Kayl does.

Thanks for visiting Grandma. We loved having you and look forward to your next trip!

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