Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome to Miami

Ryan had to be in Miami Beach for work last week. So being the sweet wife I am, I sacrificed my weekend and decided to join him once his conference was over. Ha!

We had a blast staying in a beautiful hotel, sleeping in, staying out WAY too late, eating great food. Though we missed Lily while we were gone, it was nice to get away for a few days!!

View from our room

Matt and Sarah also extended the work trip.

We didn't move from these chairs all day long.

Why would we? Hot sun, great book, fun friends. And a cocktail waitress.

Friday night was one crazy night. Like 'we think we're still in college' crazy.

It started out tame with pre-dinner drinks at the W Hotel.

Followed by dinner at Sushi Samba.

Oh my. So flipping good. I'm still dreaming about that meal.

Sake and beers got the evening started down the 'ornery' path.

We ended up at the Delano Hotel. Posh hotel with famous club scene.

And befriended DJ Dan. (well Sarah and I thought he was our best friend. I'm not sure the feeling was mutual!)

Dance party quickly followed. Now we know where Lily gets her moves.

After hitting up a few more clubs, we were rockstars until 4:30am.

We had a GREAT TIME.
A certain blond might have been quoted as "best night ever" and someone else quoted as "dude, it's just like Vegas!". Which quickly became the weekend motto.

But the next morning, we were TIRED...guess we can't hang like we used to. :)

Such a fun weekend. But always happy to be home.

Who's up for Miami Beach 2012?

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