Saturday, March 7, 2009

28 week appointment

Yesterday we had our 28 week appointment. We had a second sonogram because our first at 20 weeks showed that my placenta was low-lying and the doctor wanted to rule out placenta previa. Sonogram looked great – placenta moved up and out of the way, so no scheduled c-section. Baby is still a girl, is in the 70th percentile of weight at 2 pounds 12 oz, and is measuring in length to be due early around May 21st. However, one way they determine length is looking at her femur and other leg bones so Ryan and I think she is measuring large because she has long legs like her parents…Ryan says a basketball player in the making! My belly is measuring small at 25 cm (doctor said I should be closer to one cm a week, or 28 cm); however the doctor is completely unconcerned as Little Lady and mom are gaining weight and growing.

I mentioned the new pregnancy symptom of heartburn to my nurse and came home with a bag full of tums and advice to lay off the greasy and fried foods….yeah yeah, I know, but I am telling you, the burger and fries were totally worth it!

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Annie said...

Yeah!!!! Not much longer!!! Poor little Sutton his girlfriend will probably be taller than him when she is born!!!