Sunday, March 8, 2009

All Dressed Up

Ryan and I attended the Avila University Steer Dinner and Auction last night as my partner is on the Board and invited myself and a few co-workers to join him at his table. Ryan came home with a silent auction win of 2 passes to AMC movie theatres for one year….either we need lots of babysitters or Ryan needs a date for the movies! Thanks Nanny and Auntie M for searching through your closets for a semi-formal dress that fit over my belly!


katieharris said...

whoo hoo! hot mama!

MJS said...

I LOVE TO GO TO THE MOVIES!!! But, I will volunteer to babysit with the "little lady" because I bet you (Lindsay) will decide to LOVE the movies, too! They make a great mental escape, as well as a great place for a nap!!!