Sunday, March 22, 2009


The husband has mentioned multiple times in the last few weeks how addicted I am to the internet lately. So I thought I'd share a few of my favorite sites....

Pregnancy FYI addiction
Baby Center
What to Expect
Fit Pregnancy

Baby gear/decor addiction
Consumer Reports
Craigs List
Pottery Barn Kids
Land of Nod
Babies R Us

Online shopping addiction
A Pea in the Pod
Japenese Weekend

Food addiction
Pitch Restaurant Reviews
KC Menus

Newly discovered addictions
Jessica McDougall blog (thanks Melissa, I spent the better part of Sunday reading up!)
Cool mom picks
The Modern Mom

Huh, maybe he has a point - these are just my favorites. Happy surfing!


Annie said...

I am addicted to I would say 90% of those sites (minus the pregnancy ones!) Love Etsy- I am mad you got me addicted!

Mel-B said...

HA! A new topic for our runs! Can you believe the age difference!?!