Friday, March 6, 2009

Feel the burn....

Ugh, fun side effect of pregnancy that I am just now starting to experience….heart burn. Last night, I had the most delicious meal in celebration of Bryn’s birthday. Bryn, Christy, and I tried a new restaurant in Westport, Blanc Burgers, and my blue cheese/bacon/onion ring burger was amazing. Plus of course we had to try the sweet potato fries and onion rings! However at 3 am this morning, I was definitely regretting eating every single bite……………….hmmm, or maybe it was worth it! So yummy!!!

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we the people said...

Lindsey- your mom can attest to this- I had heartburn almost the moment after conception! I bet they have better "drugs" for it now, but it is a real "pain!" Leslie
PS- you look so cute!!