Monday, March 30, 2009


To the right I have posted a poll for you to guess when the Little Lady will arrive, as we are quickly approaching the due date. A few tidbits for you prior to making your decision:

  • My mom was two weeks early with all three of us kids (though she was induced with Mallory so I guess that doesn’t really count).
  • At my 31 week appointment, I was measuring only 27 weeks.
  • However, at my 28 week appointment, the baby was measuring nine days ahead of schedule with a estimated due date of May 21st.
  • My birthday is May 12th and I am adamant that she is not born on my birthday – I want her to have her own special day and not have to share with her mom.
  • I hated sharing my birthday with Mother’s Day (wow, I was one selfish little girl) and therefore, don’t want her to be born the week of May 11th.
  • Because of the last two points, Ryan is convinced she will be born two weeks early just to spite me.

So what do you think?


Erica said...

I will gladly share my birthday, May 30th, with your baby girl:) Can't wait to meet her!
Erica Wenger

Annie said...

I think May 15- that is right around the date we are moving so I want her to be born then so I have an excuse to not help unpack!!! :)

katieharris said...

I like to think she'll get an early start at testing your patience, so I voted for little cousin to show up late. Preferably June 7th because that is the best day to be born on. And she can share her birthday with 3 totally cool people: the artist formerly known as Prince, Liam Neeson and....ME!

Lindsay said...

I'm with Erica or Katie - the later the better, as we need all the time we can get to prepare for this little addition! :)

Brooke, Jason, Aynslee, and Liam said...

I can speak from experience that you don't want her to come too early!! ;) She could share her birthday with cousin Aynslee, May 23rd, but that wouldn't be much fun either! Whenever she should decide to come we will all be anxious to meet her!!