Monday, March 30, 2009


I love this blog - this Runner's World contributor blogged about running through her pregnancy and now continues to write as her son approaches the one year mark. Reading her ups and downs, hilarious stories, as well as advice on gear, etc has been motivating and entertaining for me these past few months. This post is one of my favorites….as I've had a few similar encounters with strangers and friends alike.

Here are a few such examples:

The knowing smiler. Last week Ryan and I were out for a long walk with Elhers on a side street without a sidewalk. A large SUV was barreling towards us, giving us little extra room until the driver noticed I was pregnant - then he proceeded to cross into the other lane, slow way down, and give us a HUGE grin. Either he was laughing at my ridiculous protruding belly or our horribly non-behaving puppy….

The advice-giver. Actually, I'm loving the advice givers. Bring on the advice, I need every bit of it as I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. I have really appreciated all my friends and family these past few months who have helped with everything from day care, pediatricians, maternity support belts, etc (actually, shout out to cousin Beth who has helped with all these things and been an AMAZING resource for us). Thanks for all the advice, and keep it coming!

The horror story-teller. Really Annie? Did you need to tell me about your girlfriend whose doctors refused her an epidural, then she ended up being in labor for 24 hours, and had an emergency c-section under general anesthesia? Thanks a lot…..

The doubter. My doubters tend to be those who don't exercise in the least. Case in point, a friend of ours, whom I know is not very active, asked if I was still running and swimming. After my response, she put her hands on her hips, gave me a disapproving look, and asked "does your doctor know you are still doing all that?" Answer: yep the doctor knows, and she says it's great for me and the little lady.

The starer. While the blog that inspired this post claims that 'starers' tend to be young kids, I disagree. My starers are my male co-workers who stare at me as I walk down the hallway - I'm not sure what they are thinking, but after an awkward conversation with one such co-worker, I probably don't want to know….conversation went something like this: Him - When are you due, Me - May 30th, Him - Wow you are HUGE!, Me - wildly inappropriate name-calling and cursing (ok, maybe that last part was just in my head).

I have a few additional categories of my own:

The enthusiast: On my running route, I often pass an older woman out for her morning power walk - she is fantastic- she has to be at least 75 years old, she's pumping and swinging her arms, listening to her huge 80's headphones, and always give me a big wave and a good morning shout out. Well, last week I was running, saw my lady friend, said our typical hello and good morning, and then as I ran by, heard her yell "GOOD FOR YOU!" Made my day….

The belly toucher. I have yet to be touched by a stranger, and honestly don't mind friends/family touching the belly. However, one thing I do find hilarious - everyone reaches out, touches the belly, makes a comment about how cute/big/etc it is, and then asks "oh, do you mind if I touch your belly."

No, I don't mind, in a way I'm probably used to it - I grew up with my mother who loves babies and pregnant bellies so much that she scares strangers in stores while shopping - she not only touches strangers' bellies but reaches out to babies to tickle and coo at them. I'm sure these strangers think she falls into the category 'baby snatcher'! Love it…makes me laugh every time.

Oh, the joys of pregnancy. Less than nine weeks remaining of these encounters. The countdown is on….

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Kara said...

This was great Lindsay! Crazy that it's getting so close- somedays I'm totally ready and then somedays I'm enjoying my nice comfy sleep in my warm bed and KNOW that I am NOT going to want to be getting up 3 times each night once he gets here!
Your belly is adorable and yes, I'd touch it- just b/c it's so dang cute!