Sunday, March 8, 2009

Running for Two

A brief update on my running, etc (for my benefit as much as your reading entertainment as the weeks are starting to run together and I’m having a hard time keeping track…baby brain, I swear!). I have continued to run three times a week – a long run on the weekend of around 8 miles and then two shorter runs during the week around 5 or 6 miles. I have also been swimming 1500 meters three times a week and doing light weights and lunges. However, this weekend I ‘accidentally’ ran closer to 10 miles during my long run – I’ve been leaving my watch at home as I don’t really want to know my slow pace (and have been avoiding treadmills for the same reason) and was chit chatting with a lady who I thought wanted to run only 8 miles, but somehow we ended up close to the ten mile turnaround. Probably a little too much for me as I feel like I do when I am marathon training and had a 22 miler – needed a nice long nap and my legs and sciatic are killing me! Baby’s Daddy not too impressed with my lapse in judgment..…

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Kara said...

Good night Girl, I honestly don't see how you can run with that baby in there! That's awesome I just can't imagine!
I guess when you've been doing it and running into then you know no difference!
Glad you don't have placenta privia(sp?).
You look adorable!!